HD Video Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Current Presentation by: Robert Osher, M.D., United States

Video Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Volume XXXIV, Issue 1 2018
Great Videos!
Introduction Robert Osher, M.D. United States
Transconjunctival Intrascleral IOL Fixation with Double-Needle Technique Dr. Shin Yamane Japan
CAPSULaser: A New Laser Approach for Capsulotomy Dr. Pavel Stodulka Czech Republic
Tiny Hero Against the Evil Axis Dr. Claudio Trindade and coauthors Brazil
Strange Stories, Amazing Facts: The Wavefront Omnibus Drs. Samaresh Srivastava, Viraj Vasavada, Shail Vasavada, Vaishali Vasavada, Abhay Vasavada, Dr. Mamidipudi Praveen India
Descemetorhexis for Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy Drs. Greg Moloney, Simon Holland, Martin McCarthy Australia
Ophthalmic Surgery, A School of Resilience Drs. Fernando Gonzalez de Valle, Maria José Dominguez Fernández, Sonia López-Romero Moraleda, Agustin Nuñez Sánchez, Edgar Infantes Molina, Javier Celis Sánchez Spain
Locked In Drs. Vaishali Vasavada, Abhay Vasavada, Viraj Vasavada, Shail Vasavada, Sajani Shah, Samaresh Srivastava, Vandana Nath India
Conclusion Robert Osher, M.D. United States